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Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Useful Bits and Pieces

Quite often (and on a Monday in particular after a weekend's postings) I find a list of useful things from my RSS feeds which I think are really useful. Then, in the future, when I try and find them again I can never find that one link I want. So on a Monday I'm gonna start posting a list of my favourites from the past week - sort of a "recommended reading" list for others and a one-stop shop of my useful links for me ! Since I've just decided to do this this weeks list will be a little short, but here it is:

1. Thanks to Andrew Connell for pointing me to a useful article by John Holliday on CAML.NET - really cool.
2. A useful web part for redirecting users to different URLs can be found here.
3. LINQ to SharePoint - excellent article here.

Told you it would be a short list this week - the list next week will be longer !


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